European Private Jet Membership

We took a fresh look at the jet membership market and set up the European Private Jet Membership. We wanted to bring transparency to the world of private jet charter membership cards and to have your search for the best charter option less time consuming.

We come up with a solution to offer you the best possible service at the best available price.
The European Private Jet Membership is the simple way for frequent European fliers to cut costs. It is the only jet card that guarantees a maximum hourly flying charge in both light and midsize aircraft, and has no hidden charges.

Key Benefits of this Membership

  • Fixed maximum hourly rate guaranteed for 12 months
  • Unlimited flying hours – as few or as many as you wish
  • Pay as you fly – no up front deposits required
  • Aircraft guaranteed with 24 hours notice
  • Access to empty legs at reduced rates
  • 24/7 access to our Operations Team
  • Maximum rates fixed for a year

You know exactly what you’ll be paying for private European jet travel for the coming year because we will tell you in advance. We quote a maximum hourly rate on both light and midsize jets.

Pay as you go.

There are no hidden charges. You pay for the minutes you are in the air from take-off to touchdown. There are none of the lucrative add-ons that jet cards typically include, such as fuel surcharges and peak or block out days.

No big upfront investment.

You don’t buy your flying time in expensive blocks. You pay for what you use, when you use it. Your only upfront charge is a small membership fee to guarantee your hourly rates.

Empty legs at empty-leg prices.

If we can find you an empty leg, we will let you have it at the empty leg price. Your maximum rate is just that – a maximum.

European Private Jet Membership - APPLICATION FORM

Apply online and start enjoying all the benefits of an European jet card. Once we receive your request our representative will contact you to personally answer all your questions, and to discuss the membership with you.
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